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Tuesday, April 8, 2014
A nice wheelchair for a fan how to train your dragon!

This year my son picked “Hicup” and “Toothless” from the dreamworks movie “How to Train your Dragon”.  This one was a doozie.  We worked the body again with foam board, sanding and sculpting the lines  We made a large square block of foam board from glueing sheets together and forming a square.  We sculpted the head to shape it and attached it to the bodice part of the costume. We painted it black.  We cut out sides of a cheap plastic bowl to form the shape of the eyes and flipped it over and painted the back with paint. (it gives the illusion of a glass like eye) then glued them on and outlined them with silicone.  We cut out leg forms in foam and attached to the sides.  We used puffy paint on top of the head to give it a scale appearance.  I used felt fabic for the wings and the tail. The wings were sewn and then run with wire at the top for shape and stability, and dow rods were run in the middle of the wings for structure. We actually just placed them down the side of the body in between the chair and body and they just layed to the side.  The tail was run with a pool noodle and hard rod to give it structure. I left extra material around the back end of he tail  to cover up the handle bars of the wheelchair and wrapped them with a clip underneith.  I sewed an extra set of fins to lay on top of the handlebars to give it more detail and to cover the bars more.  A little more detail to the tail with our version of ”Hicups” appendage to fix the tail and as always, Connors little 2lb Chihuahua is always included in costume as another dragon. Its kind of funny cause she played the perfect dragon and does so all the time because she will not let anybody touch him. Very furious!!! So there you have it!  Hicup and Toothless in “How to Train a Dragon”.

Connor won 1st  Place in Trick or Treat Street, a local contest and 1st Place in Dogtoberfest in the scary division.

source: http://ideas.coolest-homemade-costumes.com/2013/11/10/awesome-toothless-and-hiccup-wheelchair-costume/


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